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Implementing License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology involves several key steps to ensure its successful integration and functionality. Here’s a comprehensive guide to mapping out the installation process:

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Needs Assessment & Planning

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Infrastructure Preparation

Power and Network Identification / Setup

Ensure a reliable power source and network connectivity for the LPR cameras. Ethernet cables or wireless connections may be used, depending on the installation site.

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Camera Installation

Placement & Calibration

Positioning of LPR cameras strategically to capture license plates of vehicles entering and exiting the area. Calibrate the cameras to capture clear images of license plates, considering factors like angle, distance, and lighting conditions.

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LPR Software Setup

LPR Software Setup

Install and configure the LPR software. Adjust settings such as recognition accuracy, image storage, and integration with other systems (e.g., access control or parking management software). Sync relevant databases of authorized license plates for comparison and identification purposes.

Your LPR System is Launched!

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Violation Detection

Query Permit Lists & Detect Violaters

The LPR system will query against permit lists, duration rules, or parking payment logs to detect violations. Everything goes straight into the system, so no need to worry about unrecorded data or missed violations.

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Send Violation to Vehicle Owner

Managing Violations

The system will gather the violator’s license plate numbers and addresses from our data sources and send the parking charge by mail. We allow clients to review and manage their accounts to their discretion. 

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Monitoring and Maintenance

Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance

Regularly monitor the LPR system to ensure proper functioning and accurate license plate recognition. Perform routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning camera lenses, updating software, and addressing any technical issues.

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Each installation process may vary based on the specific LPR technology, manufacturer guidelines, and the unique requirements of the installation site. When choosing LPR services working with experienced professionals ensures a smooth implementation process and maximizes the benefits of the technology.

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