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Our license plate recognition cameras capture and process the details of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. Then, it can identify drivers that are disobeying your parking regulations. After validating that a parking charge is due, the vehicle owner’s data is requested from the DMV and a parking charge is sent.

PAVE Mobility does not issue penalties, citations, or parking fines. Instead, we issue parking charges based on the regulations posted on signs throughout your lot.

Yes. When a motorist fails to pay his parking charge the case will be pursued just like any other contractual agreement.

We are integrated with all of the major parking payment applications and kiosk companies. However, if we are not integrated with the current payment vendor that you are using at your lots, we can initiate integration for that new vendor.

Yes. Customers have a right to dispute their parking charge if they feel it was not valid. All disputes are handled within 72 business hours.

We create the signs based on the regulations you provide, and we install them throughout your location.

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on availability and parking lot size. 

The LPR cameras are strategically placed to detect vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. Once we evaluate the shape and configuration of your lot, we’ll know exactly where to place any additional cameras.


Whether you are familiar with the parking industry or are looking for a new way to increase revenue at your property, we are able to help provide a solution that is right for your unique parking needs.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities. With our solution, you’ll maximize revenue by capturing every vehicle that enters your facility. No more leakage due to manual errors or unattended payment booths. Our automated system ensures that every transaction is accounted for, increasing your bottom line.

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